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George Kahkejian

Master Cocktail Syrup by George Kahkejian

George Kahkejian was born into a family that has a history of constantly dabbling in mixology as well as owning and running restaurants, this was an opportunity bound to present itself.

Starting his journey into the bar-world as early as the age of thirteen, by simply mixing different juices and sugar or lime juice. His early passion was inspired by his grandmother who had always been making her own liqueurs for family gatherings, celebrations or even just to treat her guests to something special.

His grandmother always told George that people “Eat with their eyes first” meaning that the appearance can make us like it even more or even less, well the same thing goes for drinking cocktails. It’s supposed to be a work of art as much as it is a work of bartending.

Starting his first official job at the age of 16, helping at his aunt’s restaurant when they needed someone extra to fill in. Having done a good job, turned into a fulltime bartender.

With this passion in mid, George always said “I don’t like serving something simple or bland”, growing his urge to the world of bartender stronger, becoming a mixology bartender and always having the strive to create something new and beautifully complex.

Work & competitions

Since then, George have pretty much worked any role imaginable within the business, being a bar manager several times. Currently working as bar manager at Clarion Hotel Amaranten, Tap Room bar, one of the city’s finest and most appreciated restaurants & cocktail bar.

Although, working wasn’t the only thing he have spent his time on, he continuously tries his talents in the world of competing. Coming from such a family and always been a competitive, performing in front of a jury felt natural for George. The urge to compete is not to win the prize itself, it’s the joy of performing under stress and presenting himself in front of a jury, telling the story behind his cocktail. It’s a great way to get an honest review about cocktails and presentation which makes it easier to improve.

He is certain that he learns more from losing a competition than from winning one because, only then he knows what it takes to become better until next time.

“Competing is something I strongly recommend to everyone!” – George Kahkejian

One of the first competitions George attended to, he was at lost on which cocktail to present to the jury. Just a week before the competition, George was hosting a company party for their employees, at which one of his collages said, “make me anything”. To this George tried a new cocktail and after one tasting it, immediately wanting another one, spreading the rumour making almost everyone ordering his cocktail.

It was that night George made up his mind, “Mr.Kakaji” was the cocktail he is going to compete with. Winning Bartender of the Year award, amongst other awards. Mr. Kakaji is till today the favourite of his and amongst his guests.

George today

Today, George is working with several things, such as

  • Educating personnel in all different levels of bartending and all other needed skills to work at a restaurant or bar
  • Consult to those looking to build a well-functioning bar, plan and throw events such as regular parties, dinners or even weddings.
  • Creating new products within the industry that has unique tastes and an undeniable quality.

George wants to proudly share with you the story behind the praise from his guests that inspired him to create his very own product.

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Unique Cocktail Syrup for everyone with or without experience, with which you can quickly and easily mix a luxurious cocktail


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