George Kahkejian

George Kahkejian

Behind the curtains you will find the incredibly talented mixology bartender George Kahkejian.

George have competed in serval cocktail competitions, winning many of them such as Sweden´s Art Deco making him one of the best bartenders in Sweden. 

George have been creating his own syrupus and using it in his signature cocktails while working as a Bar Manger in the Clarion Hotel Amaranten, Tap Room bar, making his guest asking what is that special taste they taste in the cocktails that he makes.

It’s a taste that the guests keep recommending to others and spreading the rumor about how differently good the cocktails are. Creating a high demand about the ingredient and about the ability to buy a pure syrup bottle. 

Thanks to his guest’s support, George got inspired to create this innovative and incredible syrup, making it accessible to the public. 

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